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Dynamic Solutions S.A. has more than 20 years of experience  predominantly in the context of SimCorp Dimension. In numerous projects we developed individual software solutions for our customers or helped them with the implementation of individual software solutions.



Custom made software solutions

Depending on the type of problem or its complexity we provide solutions either using the native tools of SCD (data extractor, filter toolbox) or  solutions based on our advanced mapping tool  DSGlue.

In our projects we have implemented data feeds into SCD covering, e.g., transactions, security information or market data, as well as outbound solutions including money transfer, compliance, risk management, legal reporting and data warehouse. Depending on the requirements we provide solutions running either in batch or as event triggered 7x24 real-time solutions.

We are also offering ready-to-use standard solutions to a number of specialized financial applications (i.e., ABACUS/DaVinci, RBK, TXS, MIG21).

Apart from flexibility and performance, the stability of our software is a key priority to us. Upon request we also offer long-term maintenance of our interfaces. This includes all necessary software updates due to upcoming releases of SCD.


Consulting and implementation

We would like to support you with your implementation projects around SimCorp Dimension.

In numerous migration projects with management investment companies our consultants could show extensive know-how in the fields of backoffice, financial accounting and fund management. Thanks to our development activities we also have professional expertise in the more technical oriented SCD modules such as reporting or integration.