At the core of SCDDiff is functionality for the reconciliation of the configurations of two SimCorp Dimension (SCD) instances, say release-to-release or test-to-production. This is complemented by functionality which supports monitoring of a single instance of SimCorp Dimension over time. By using these tools a clear picture of configuration changes may be seen, reducing risk that unintended changes go undetected.


Reconcile static data
This core configuration comparison tool may be supplemented with an add-on module, for the reconciliation of partner and security 'static' data, for example when changed manually or as a result of automatic updates from external sources such as data suppliers. Again, by being able to identify changes, risk of erroneous update is reduced.


Upgrade and patch testing
SCDDiff's value is evident in many situations, such as new release upgrade testing, patch impact testing or automatic updating of security and partner data from external sources. Put to any such use, the software saves considerable time and removes elements of doubt from system or configuration change processes.


Comparison execution
SCDDiff's comparison processes are based on pre-defined, multi-level reconciliation trees, which correspond to the structure of menus, screens and tables in SCD. Trees can be customized by the user to fit individual needs and be used repeatedly: their execution can be automated either by batch scheduling or by using SCDDiff's integrated scheduler.


Comparison output
The type and extent of output can be adjusted as desired and information about detected differences stored in the SCDDiff database. Results can be seen on screen or presented in .xls or .pdf formats for convenience. Comments may also be added for documentation processes and all results and settings are retained, in the database, for future access.


SCDDiff - benefits

The SCDDiff module:

  • mitigates operational risk by detecting unexpected changes in upgrade or patch testing automatically

  • mitigates operational risk by providing monitoring and tracing of 'static' data changes from automatic uploads

  • saves time by enabling automatic configuration comparisons


What's next? - Integration with SCD transport system

Future SCD-versions shoud allow for the automatic propagation of configuration changes found by SCDDiff into a target instance using the SCD transport system.


Interested? Curious?

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