Transferring funds from other investment management systems into SimCorp Dimension is a complex and error-prone task that usually has to be completed under massive time pressure.

SCDFuT provides the client with a flexible and highly automated process to independently achieve this goal in an efficient and reliable way.


Key Facts

  • For each fund all relevant data is provided in a single transfer sheet (.xls-format) which contains both configuration (target system, accounting frameworks, etc.) and operational data (balances , holdings, transactions, etc.) in an easy understandable manner
    scdfut uebernahmesheet
  • Sophisticated plausibility pre-checks of the transfer sheet ensure adequate data quality and minimize the risk of errors during the transfer process.

  • SCDFuT supports the transfer of funds with complex structures (Multiclass- and Master/Sub-Funds).

  • Both general ledger and sub ledger information can be prepared in the transfer sheet and imported into SCD.

  • All common financial instruments (bonds, equities, fund certificates, money market instruments, foreign exchange instruments, options, futures, swaps) are covered by the tool.

  • Balances of general ledger accounts can be computed by extensive mapping rules (definable by the client itself) which are specific to the investment company handing over the fund.

  • SCDFuT supports on-the-fly conversion of security and partner identifications into the notation of the target system.

  • A graphical user interface allows the client not only to configure the tool but also guides him through the whole transfer process. There are several configurable wizards available for performing different tasks such as transferring a fund, merging a fund, etc.

    scdfut processmonitor
  • SCDFuT includes a reporting module for fund data reconciliation and internal reports (plausibility checks, process logging).


FundsXML Support

Optionally SCDFuT can be extended by both a conversion and an export module for FundsXML files. This allows the client

  • to further optimize the fund transition process whenever fund data is available in FundsXML format,
  • to transfer funds between two SCD instances easily and
  • to merge and restructure funds in SCD.
    scdfut fundsxml

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